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Best study spots!

While many of us like to study and get work done in the convenience of our rooms, how many times does it occur that we are not able to concentrate with our roommate(s) hanging around there or with the bed right there or simply when being at the same desk for a minute more seems unbearable? This for sure happens with me.  Owing to this, I am often exploring different places to study. So here is a list of some of my top, library and non-library, study spots that I found!

Schenley Park- Make use of all the rare beautiful, sunny days at Pittsburgh and HEAD OUTSIDE. The Schenley Park is one of the best places to lay out. Between the lush green grassy lawn, trees giving some shade, and the birds chirping, there is nothing to not like here. Best place to get some reading done, especially as Spring aka good weather is approaching us.

Hunt Library- Whether it is the basement with its computer clusters where students can collaborate and work on diverse subjects or whether its near the Maggie Murph Café on the 1st floor that offers study spaces and a full line of Starbucks coffee, bagels and sandwiches etc, hunt library is a great spot to burn the mid night oil.

2nd floor of the UC-The area behind Pasta Villagio (that can serve as  spot for a quick bite during study breaks) and above Entropy. Also referred to as the “poolside”, it’s a great place to hit the laptop/books.

 The Cut / CFA Lawn / next to the tennis courts– One could grab a bench/chair or just simply crash on the ground and get into some reading or work during the good weather months.

Libraries- 3rd floor of Hunt, Sorrells Library in Wean Hall are a great place to study!

Dorms– Stever dorm house study lounge is almost occupied by some student or the other from dorms on that street. Other study lounges are the Mudge/Donner study room, where you could not only find other students but also often TAs and academic help classes.

There are chairs/benches behind a small mound next to Baker (on the mall) that are hidden from everyday view.

University/Cohon Center – UC has many good spots to study- The Kirr commons, the Merson Courtyard (outside Entropy), the Tartan Collaborative Commons , the rain gardens (near the entrance to campus) or the study spaces offered by CPDC that can be reserved as work spaces

Legacy Plaza- Just next to Tartan Express, between the Cohon Center and west wing is this gathering space which can be a great study spot or a place to quickly grab a bite and finish off homework before classes.

Illustration courtesy of Essayontime.com.au