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Serendipity: Learning More from a Day off than from Class

Today, I stopped by a former professor’s office to ask if he wanted to meet for coffee. Immediately, he responded affirmatively, and we spent the next half hour enjoying the caffeinated warmth, which combatted the numbing cold outside. I’d intended to meet with him and a few professors since last spring, but I hadn’t reached […]


Tepper School of Business | Life at Tepper Student Experience Blog

There is a new social media hashtag going around that you might be familiar with: #10YearChallenge. As a Tepper student with a marketing concentration, we could spend time pondering about the virality of this and the implications on marketers and data miners. But, that’s not what this post is going to be about. 2009 – […]

Pittsburgh Winters – Sights, Sounds and Things To Do

For those of us from, shall I say, tropical climates, Pittsburgh winters are a whole new experience. Experiencing temperature drops of -11 degree Celsius (12 degree Fahrenheit), winds that can blow away anyone weighing less than 110 pounds, and snow a few inches deep can be quite intimidating. Naturally, we bundle up in goose-down jackets […]