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Japan is fascinating!!!

Between crystal toilets and many many sushis, sakes, and matchas we discovered one of the most amazing cultures that I have ever experienced.


During the spring break, I went to Japan with a group of 41 people, my husband included. We were guided by an awesome group of classmates, including 5 who are Japanese and one who is Taiwanese and lived in Japan before. They organized every detail to make our experience unforgettable, and it is definitely unforgettable. We learned so much about their culture and history that I am sure I came back much more prepared to be a global professional.





If someone asked me which was the most beautiful place or the most memorable moment of the trip I wouldn’t be able to answer. However, I truly believe that the people that were there with me made this trip unique!  We got to know each other and our partners better, we became closer (a lot closer). For me, this is the kind of thing that makes the Tepper MBA experience so special.




Arigatou Gozaimasu (which definitely is not written like that, but you got my point 😉 )!!!