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Tepper Games

Need a break from studying and coursework? Look no further. Tepper Games club is here to meet all your entertainment needs. From video games to board games, Tepper Games is all about having a bit of entertainment and competition. 

Take a look at how this club is all fun and games:

Game On

  • What they do: play video games, board games, and poker with others in the Tepper community.
  • During Basecamp, they host a game night every weekend!
  • Members’ favorite events are just game nights at students’ houses as it’s great for socializing with classmates in a cozy, low-stress environment.
  • Tepper Games attends some big gaming events as well, including PAX Unplugged, Washingcon, Unpub Expo, and WSOP.

Level Up

  • While they started with a simple group chat on WhatsApp, they want to reach the next level with their club. This means more consistent events like more events per each mini. 
  • They’re looking to host B**rs and set up gaming consoles in the Master’s common area.
  • Stay tuned for a possible semester-long Mario Kart tournament.