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Week 1 in Hong Kong!

Every MBA student must complete a capstone project as part of their graduation requirement. I chose to study abroad for my capstone in Hong Kong and hopefully, I will get to update you on all the fun stuff I will be doing for my 4 weeks in Hong Kong and China!

It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in Hong Kong  and I’m 1 week behind on updating everyone. I was in mainland China last week and couldn’t access anything besides Google and you will see very soon that your entire Tepper life is managed by Google! So I didn’t get a chance to blog until now.

Here are some highlights from our 1st week because there really is too much to say.

Day 0 – Landed in Hong Kong and went out to see the night market and eat some real asian food after trying to get over the jetlag from a 15 hour flight!

Day 1 – Welcome & Introductions by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) followed by a Welcome Lunch at a Michelin star restaurant and a tour of Hong Kong Island!

Day 2 – Overview of US-China relations followed by a tour of CUHK

Day 3 – Chinese Calligraphy and a night of betting on horse races at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Many of us won money and we ended up celebrating those winnings and a classmate’s birthday by going to experience LKF for the first time!

Day 4 – Listened to a presentation from the General Manager of the Royal Park Hotel (where we are staying during our time in Hong Kong) and attended a seminar on Fintech in Asia

Day 5 – Learned about the story of Insinkerators in China and met MBA/MSCF students from CUHK

Day 6 – 10 km hike to the Big Buddha!

This is just the stuff that we did as a class. I have had many other adventures during this week from learning to ride the MTR to trying to decipher a menu in Chinese to enjoying so many beautiful sights! There’s just too much to talk about in the 1st week alone!

Maybe, I’ll get a chance to write more later but for now, I hope this gives you a glimpse into all the fun and exciting things we are doing and experiencing in our 4 weeks in Hong Kong!