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Nine Weeks Left

As I drove back to school at the end of spring break, I began to reflect on my college career. With nine weeks left, what can I still do to get the most out of my remaining days here at Carnegie Mellon University? Have I left a few rocks unturned? Are there entrepreneurial avenues that I have not walked? What will I regret not participating in? All of these thoughts are racing through my mind as I drive my 2011 Jeep Liberty between brittle mountains and through green valleys. However, the nice scenery eventually brings me peace. It allows me to think of all the things I have accomplished and all the hardships I have battled through. These memories trample over my previous thoughts of doubt and regret. Of course there will be areas of CMU I wish I could have explored more, but I know that I tried my best to savor every type of experience I could have encountered. Knowing that, I felt better about leaving.

I then assigned myself my final project at Carnegie Mellon. The project requirements were simple and to the point.

  • /30 points: Take advantage of being so close to your friends!
  • /20 points: Thank your professors/advisors for their support and wisdom!
  • /50 points:  Enjoy yourself!
  • (BONUS) /30 points: Get a 4.0 for last semester!

I will let you all know how my project turned out near the end of the semester!