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Pittsburgh Summers – Sights, Sounds & Things To Do (I)

Summer is finally upon us and in Pittsburgh that means bringing out your grills, your outdoor yoga pants and most importantly, your flip flops. The city offers so many things to do that it’s probably going to be hard to decide which direction to go first. If you’re a senior with family flowing in for […]

Welcome Weekend!

Springtime is an exciting time of year: birds are singing, flowers are blooming, (snow is occasionally falling, to general disappointment), and admitted MBAs are arriving on campus to get to know Tepper better before they start in August. Their two-day immersive experience is run by the Admissions team and a seven-member student committee and staffed by current students, faculty, and administration to make it an exciting introduction to MBA life.

Of robots, submarines and space

If you’ve been wondering why Pluto has been demoted from its planet status, or you’ve always wanted to play air hockey against a robot, or you’re simply curious to see what your skin cells look like under a microscope, Carnegie Science Center is the place to go on your next day off. From interactive exhibits […]

When Spring Break Is Actually Winter Break Part II

While some lucky folks (read: smart planners) were frolicking in the sun and sands of Southern U.S. or Mexico, my husband and I decided to road trip around east coast this spring break, and while sudden and extreme bouts of winter made our journey quite difficult, we still somehow managed to make the most of […]

Living In Bakery Square

While my classmates are trekking across the global for spring break, I was moving out of my beloved apartment in Bakery Square. It was a bitter sweet moment even though I only lived in Bakery Living Blue for 8 months. I have had so many great memories in that building from team meetings and group […]

First Weekend of Spring 2018

One of my biggest regrets freshman year was not leaving my comfort zone more. I often pushed myself too much physically and mentally. Ultimately, this caused me to feel as though I almost wasted my first year. Luckily, the new year calls for a new school year, thus a new beginning. My roommate invited me […]

Celebrating in style

One of the traditions of the Part Time program is to hold an End of Mini Celebration.  This specific end of mini, we decided to capitalize on the season and host an Ugly Sweater Party to get our classmates to celebrate the end of a tough 6 weeks.  Selecting a location was simple – The […]

Pittsburgh Winters – Sights, Sounds and Things To Do

For those of us from, shall I say, tropical climates, Pittsburgh winters are a whole new experience. Experiencing temperature drops of -11 degree Celsius (12 degree Fahrenheit), winds that can blow away anyone weighing less than 110 pounds, and snow a few inches deep can be quite intimidating. Naturally, we bundle up in goose-down jackets […]

Neighborhood Series – Cafe Special Highlight: Liliput Coffee & Cafe!

Featured here is Liliput Coffee & Cafe (477 Melwood Ave) located quietly in the North Oakland neighborhood. With a rustic, urban contemporary feel, Liliput is located by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, which is one of the oldest and largest media centers in the US. With finals and the cold weather abound, don’t forget to take a break and step […]

Touring the Burgh in Style!

Partners Club celebrated the end of Mini 1 by taking boys, babes and babies on Pittsburgh’s land and water tour. The tour takes place aboard a cute ducky boat/bus that can travel not only on the road, but also in the river. The tour was followed by a happy (and hearty) hour downtown and students […]