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New year, new me?

How many of us start the new year by thinking about what we’re going to do differently in the new year but end up not sticking to our plans? I know I have stuck less to my plans than I have drifted away from them over the previous few years. Thinking about this before 2018 rings in, I thought about what I could do differently in my college life and how I would plan to stick to those thoughts or resolutions. But before talking about this, why should we even spend time and effort in making new year resolutions? Why should we set goals for the new year? Well, that’s because goals mean clarity; goals mean progress. Resolutions give direction and motivation for our desired future action. By sharing some of my university-related resolutions and ways to stick to them, I hope that you could also gain insights and guidance as to how to enhance your university life.

Firstly, I am going to try new things and take opportunities in my college life. Different clubs,  societies, classes and subjects – there are a plethora of ways by which one can try new things. I am going to attempt to not conform to things I am comfortable with but also diversify and explore new activities.

Secondly, coming to one of the most common things in a student’s resolution list – “budgeting”.  With the new year, I intend to become more fiscally responsible. Imparting my guidance here, I am going to make note of all the things that eat away my budget like food, movies, rent etc over different months, either on paper or on mobile apps and keep track of where and when I shell out money instead of struggling to recall at the very end where my money flew away.

The last resolution of mine is also an obvious one: avoiding procrastination. I am going to stick to my prior resolutions like “I am going to finish my assignments on time rather than staying up till 4am on the deadline date” that I previously did not pursue as months rolled. There’s no secret route to wiping away procrastination, but what can help in my opinion is organization and determination.