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Be Well @ Tepper

Let’s face it – a full time MBA at Tepper is a lot of work! Balancing classes, homework, recruiting work, networking events and case competitions takes a toll on you. However, Tepper also knows how to take care of you!

The Graduate Business Association – Tepper’s administrative student body – recently hosted an entire week of wellness activities. Events ranged from having therapy dogs on campus to tryout sessions for different workout routines and on meal prep and cultural comfort foods. Also, did I tell you about the 5 minutes in heaven, a.k.a chair massages!

One of my favorite sessions was called ‘Let’s Taco(Talk) about it’. It had super delicious tacos for sure, but it was unique for a different reason. As we all entered the room, we were assigned a random table to sit at. Each table had a list of fun conversation topics not just to break the ice but also to know fun facts about each other. This event really stood out for me it helped me reconnect with some of my classmates and learn new things about them.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself!

Ask a trainer

Meditation session


Let’s Taco about it