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Jeremy Hunter: Bringing calm and focus to the fast-paced world

Earlier this month Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives organized a talk led by Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute and Associate Professor at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management. Dr. Hunter talked about how to cultivate mindfulness in the workplace and in one’s daily lives. He emphasized the importance of attention and focus since this day and age’s “wealth of information has created a poverty of attention,” using former Tepper faculty and Nobel laureate Herb Simon’s words. Some ways that he discussed to achieve better focus and attention were through managing one’s use of time and energy throughout the day, for instance, dedicating short no-screen time breaks during the day or being mindful of potential distractions and adjusting habits to counter them. “Less is more,” was ultimately his message – put your whole energy into the task, and productivity and the end result will be much more meaningful. There was a good mix of staff and students at the event, which, overall provided everyone with further insight into more mindful living.