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Healthcare Club

Some people see healthcare as a field just for medical professionals — doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. However, that isn’t exactly true.

The healthcare field uses business professionals to help them run their hospitals, insurance systems, healthcare systems, medical technologies, and so on. Tepper knows this, and has an MBA club dedicated to the industry: The Healthcare Club.

Check out what they do and how they can help to launch your career in the healthcare world without going to medical school:

Quick Facts

  • Their goal is to enable Tepper students of all backgrounds to learn about healthcare, make connections with those in the industry, and pursue successful careers. 
  • The Healthcare Club claims that they offer the best food to its members despite other clubs trying to steal their title!
  • They are, however, terrible at escape rooms. If they invite you, say no. (Unless you’re competing against them. Then definitely say yes.)

New Year, New Ideas

  • This year, they plan to break apart and dive into the various players of the healthcare space such as the medical device, pharmaceutical, and payer/provider industries. 
  • The Healthcare Club is looking to work with other clubs to introduce other aspects of the healthcare field, including how marketing and finance in this industry is unique.
  • They’ll host biweekly brainfood discussions about all things healthcare to keep the students in the know!

Beyond Tepper

  • Every year, the club gathers a team to participate in a major healthcare case competition. Students attended the Rutgers Biopharma Case Competition last year.
  • The Healthcare Club has traveled to tons of places together. They recently went to Israel where they had the opportunity to visit a medical device startup focused on exoskeletons for individuals with spinal cord injuries.
  • They have corporate sponsors like Cigna and Genentech to help students learn about the healthcare field and stay up to date!