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Graduate Entrepreneurship Club

Tons of people think they can become an entrepreneur one day. However, people are often hit with the reality that it takes a lot more than they expected.

Tepper’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Club offers students the first-hand knowledge and skills for becoming an entrepreneur. From pitching to finding an investor, the club trains you in building from the ground up.

Here’s how the GEC helps make students kings and queens of their own castles:

Quick Facts

  • The GEC makes students “think like an entrepreneur” from finding co-founders to building a startup (mental breakdowns included).
  • They also have members across all of CMU, not just Tepper.
  • Raji Sankar, a noteworthy alumna of the GEC, founded Choolaah.
  • They host events alongside the Futurist Club to discuss topics like food sustainability, artificial intelligence, and more. To be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to think forward.

Lots to Do

  • Hack-a-Startup is one of their flagship events where students have only 48 hours to build their own startup.
  • Another fun event is Find-a-cofounder in which students network with other students from across CMU.
  • The GEC plans to offer more information about taking valuable entrepreneurship skills into any role, not just for creating your own business. They’re also planning to set up a recruitment process for startups directly with the GEC.
  • They have two annual treks to Austin, Texas, and Silicon Valley.