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Freshmen vs. Finals


Never has a single word been capable of frightening so many students across the nation, but a particular group are more terrified of this word than anyone else: freshmen. Looking all around campus, students’ faces look serious and ready for the next week of testing, but it’s the freshmen that stand out the most. They’ve never been here before. They all thought that the last three hour test they would ever take was the SAT. They’re stressing out, running around, and grasping at any pieces of advice and studying tips that they can get for this important week. However, all this panicking is avoidable, because finals week is just like any other week: completely manageable.

As a freshman that is taking three finals in a 24-hour period, the most important word to remember isn’t finals: it’s time. In these last few weeks, everything is about time and how you choose to handle it. Have two finals spaced out? Study for one before it, and the next in the days that you have in between. Have two finals in the same day? Don’t cram anything in the few hours between the same tests — if you don’t know it by then, you won’t know it now. Time is everyone’s friend if used correctly, and everyone’s enemy when not taken advantage of.

To manage your time, follow these important guidelines:

  • study for one test at a time, but make sure to give all tests equal attention
  • try to limit distractions and stay away from things/people that will not keep you focused
  • take time out every day to eat three meals
  • take time out every day to get some exercise and give your mind and body a break
  • take time to sleep

Everything in this crucial two-week period will come down to how you manage your time, so make the most of it.

There should only be one word to remember this time of the semester, and it isn’t finals. It’s time.