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From Part-time to Full-time

Tepper School of Business | Life at Tepper Student Experience Blog

There are not many programs like the Tepper MBA that allow you to switch almost seamlessly between both part-time and full-time versions of the program, a feature (if you will) that I benefited from just a few months ago.

My MBA journey started as a part-time student. I spent two years giving up some evenings and weekends to classes, on top of my day-to-day job requirements. Once settled into a routine of conscientious time management, taking two classes at any one time (the usual part-time class load) was very manageable. It became a little hectic when I decided that I wanted to do an internship to bolster my experience, given that I am looking to switch careers and industries. The additional load came from networking, job hunting, and taking days off to prepare for and attend interviews. It all paid off when I landed my internship at Ubisoft this past summer. Hence, the start of my student-status switch. I resigned from my position to take on the internship, and have since returned as a full-time MBA student.

What does the process look like, you ask? Well, let us first note that both part-time and full-time students have access to a similar set of classes taught by the same professors. In other words, besides some electives that have traditionally had lower enrollment rates, many of the popular classes are taught in both online and offline, day-time and evening variants. That really means that part-time students are not receiving a “lesser version” of the full-time curriculum. The core difference would come from the physical limitations of not being able to attend some of the extra-curricular programming (such as club events).

Ignoring my requirement to transition from an H to an F visa status, all I had to do was work out my graduation requirements with my academic advisor and the fee difference (if any; none for me) with my financial advisor. Both advisors now conveniently sit in the same office at the new Tepper Quad. Voilà! I now join my 2019 cohort of full-time students in day time classes, and am also a part of a capstone group with my part-time classmates for old times’ sake. I find myself right on pace with my new classmates, and can fully enjoy the other day-time activities whilst getting to know my new classmates better.

The switch? No hassles, minimal paper work.

Many of us have moved between the program variants for various reasons and at different points in time during the MBA. I enjoy this flexibility, and know that there will be many others to come who will take advantage of it too.