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Community Day at BaseCamp

Tepper Community Day 2017

Every year during BaseCamp, the MBA orientation program, new students participate in an event called Community Day. Community Day is one of the community service events that Tepper Cares help to plan. Club co-chair James Moses, MBA 2018, and club member Nicholas Drenchko, MBA 2019, shared their experiences from Community Day. 

I recently volunteered at Camp Guyasuta as part of the BaseCamp Service to the Community Day and it was a wonderful experience! My team was tasked with cutting lumber into railing components that were going to be used to replace rotted bridge railings around the camp. Although we had never worked together before — and most of us didn’t even know each other — we had a very successful day.

The day required quite a bit of teamwork and coordination but within a short time, the saws were buzzing and the finished product was being produced. By the end of the day, our team was even able to teach the camp staff more efficient ways to run their saw. This was a great experience both in terms of team building and for giving back to the community and it is an activity that I would surely take part in again.

James Moses
MBA 2018 and Co-Chair of Tepper Cares

Tepper Community Day 2017

I worked at Camp Guyasuta helping out with the construction of a new picnic area canopy. The task of our team was to dig four holes that were three feet deep and in line with the previous canopy. A big challenge for each team was powering through the bricks, rocks and clay that lay beneath the top grass layer, but this provided a great opportunity for teamwork. A highlight was the opportunity to work with a jack hammer with which no one had any experience. This produced not only a lot of humor, but mediocre results as the rocks and bricks weren’t budging.

Lastly, we mixed cement and laid the beginning two poles for the canopy before departing back to Tepper. I have to say our group may have been the most dirty and mentally drained group out there, but a lot of respect was earned at that camp.

Nicholas Drenchko
MBA 2019