Reforestation (and Afforestation) Through Biotechnology: The MBA Internship at Living Carbon

Reforestation (noun): the action of renewing a forest by planting seeds or young trees. Afforestation (noun): the act or process of establishing a forest, especially on land not previously forested.   Around 300 million years ago, the level of carbon dioxide on planet Earth plummeted from 2000 to 200 ppm. Temperatures dropped, ice sheets formed […]

How I Actually Ended Up at the Tepper School of Business

I wanted to start off with a big thank you for the warm reception on my last post. It’s both motivating and intimidating to have that much unexpected traction. Now that the pressure is on, I’d like to transition to my next blog: How I Actually Ended Up at the Tepper School of Business I […]

A Winding Path to an MBA

The thought of getting an MBA didn’t strike while I was to baking a Bavarian pretzel from scratch nor did a moment of clarity fall from the sky while perfecting my barbacoa recipe. My path to getting an MBA percolated over time. Whether I was in client meetings in Nashville, attending Product summits in Tokyo, […]

How 2021 Summer went for me as a Tepper Part-Time Student!

Summer 2021 was jam packed, Working to make an impact. From getting married in July, Telling remote access weekends goodbye. From TWIB happy hours to abandoned school tours, Lots of socializing outdoors! -Nancy Geronian   July 17, 2021 – Pittsburgh, PA – Marrying Emile August 26-29, 2021 – Pittsburgh, PA – First Access Weekend Back […]

C’s get degrees!

I heard these words even before I got anywhere near Pittsburgh: “C’s get degrees.” As a kid who racked up A’s on report cards her whole life, getting even one C in a course was inconceivable.  Multiple C’s? That can’t be me. Then college happened. My first college writing course I took Interpretation and Argument in […]

Unity and Allyship in Leadership

Being a student at Tepper has certainly been an adventure. I’ve learned so much, and met so many new people. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to apply what we are learning in class. This past January, I competed with a team in the Inaugural John Lewis Racial Case Study. I’ll admit I was […]

From Student to TA: Business Presentations

Very few people in this world are lucky enough to have someone who not only helps them develop on an academic level but on a personal level as well. For me in the Tepper School of Business, one of those people is Dr. Bevins. I had her for Business Communications and Business Presentations. On the […]

Halloweekend: Socially Distanced Edition

It’s been a minute since I posted here, Thanksgiving is already near. What an odd year it has been? Saying, “I’m okay.” with a grin. Halloween this year was an escape, I was Storm without the cape. Cat Woman overlooking downtown, Sabrina – hair platinum blonde instead of brown. Halloween is fun you see, Be […]

Things I wish I knew before changing my major

I never expected changing my major to be a magic cure. Still, I was both too hopeful and too cynical about my life. There’s a good reason the saying “experience is the best teacher” has lingered. Chances are, these words may go in one ear and out the other if my past self heard them. […]

Open letter to prospective freshmen

Dear freshman, Congratulations on completing high school. You came, you saw, you conquered. You don’t need another elegy about how these (wait for it) uncertain times halted a normal high school career as you knew it. But you better believe that I’m proud of you. And I feel confident in speaking on behalf of the […]