Halloweekend: Socially Distanced Edition

It’s been a minute since I posted here, Thanksgiving is already near. What an odd year it has been? Saying, “I’m okay.” with a grin. Halloween this year was an escape, I was Storm without the cape. Cat Woman overlooking downtown, Sabrina – hair platinum blonde instead of brown. Halloween is fun you see, Be […]

Things I wish I knew before changing my major

I never expected changing my major to be a magic cure. Still, I was both too hopeful and too cynical about my life. There’s a good reason the saying “experience is the best teacher” has lingered. Chances are, these words may go in one ear and out the other if my past self heard them. […]

Open letter to prospective freshmen

Dear freshman, Congratulations on completing high school. You came, you saw, you conquered. You don’t need another elegy about how these (wait for it) uncertain times halted a normal high school career as you knew it. But you better believe that I’m proud of you. And I feel confident in speaking on behalf of the […]

Reflection of a PT MBA Student: When times are uncertain…

“Reflection of a PT Student: When times are uncertain…”   In the middle of another virtual access weekend Sitting in a  “Success is not a Solo Sport” session with my boyfriend Personal relationships have been put under extreme stress tests Living in Downtown, being afraid of the protests Being initially confused of “white privilege” and […]

A Short Poem: What’s the Goal?

“To-Do Lists” A to-do list here, a grocery list there, Focused on nutrition and skin care. Enjoying classes on Monday and Wednesday, Frankly looking forward to each Friday. From eating out almost daily to becoming Chef Nancy, Wearing leggings, slippers, feeling a little less fancy. Yet productivity isn’t slowing down for me, Management Presentations, Corporate […]

Welcome to the Online Learning Format

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, many schools and their students are switching to the online format. School administrators have recognized online learning as a practical way to responsibly diminish risk while delivering an interactive education to students. What is online learning? How does it differ? Are there advantages? What are the drawbacks? I’d […]

Mamba Mentality

A letter to Kobe Bryant written by a young basketball fan.

180 Degrees Consulting: Tepper’s Revived Pro Bono Consulting Group

180 Degrees Consulting is a national organization that serves to advance student consulting experience while benefitting local nonprofit organizations. Prior to this year, 180 DC at CMU existed, but then fizzled out due to a myriad of factors. Fortunately for the CMU community, a new president is spearheading the effort to revive the organization into […]

Multicultural Pittsburgh 360 VR Screenings!

Below are pictures from Tuesday’s screenings at the Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room of the final videos for the 82-284 Multicultural Pittsburgh class. Feel free to stop by the room when it’s available and the desk attendant and/or Prof. Caspar himself can help get you on the headsets!  

Hackathon Global Challenges Competition

Last week (Feb. 1-2), I participated in my first-ever hackathon-style competition. Am I a bit late to the game? Sure. It seems like everyone in this university popped out of the womb as hackathon stars and fluent in three coding languages. However, it took a bit of time for Tepper to announce their take on […]