A Fun Path to Summer

We have less than seven weeks left in the semester! I know that it has been a tiring and stressful year and summer break is something many of us are looking forward to even if we have an internship or summer job. If you are still dreading the upcoming weeks, here are a list of […]

An Evening With Mohsin Hamid

Yesterday, we attended a Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures program titled “Ten Evenings” at the beautiful Carnegie Music Hall. Ten Evenings is a lecture series celebrating authors from around the world by inviting them to present on their creative process and share their thoughts on their books. The lecture we attended was by Mohsin Hamid, a […]

Of robots, submarines and space

If you’ve been wondering why Pluto has been demoted from its planet status, or you’ve always wanted to play air hockey against a robot, or you’re simply curious to see what your skin cells look like under a microscope, Carnegie Science Center is the place to go on your next day off. From interactive exhibits […]

Living In Bakery Square

While my classmates are trekking across the global for spring break, I was moving out of my beloved apartment in Bakery Square. It was a bitter sweet moment even though I only lived in Bakery Living Blue for 8 months. I have had so many great memories in that building from team meetings and group […]

Neighborhood Series – Cafe DRINK Special Highlight: Chai tea at CMU Tazza d’Oro

…did anyone miss my Cafe series??? Oh, where has the time gone, last day of Februrary already. I made it nonetheless, didn’t forget about this! This month’s just bit shorter than the others and things have also been more hectic. For this month, I would like to feature a drink right on campus – Rohr Cafe […]

Lunar Gala 2018

2018 is the year of the dog. To celebrate, CMU put together its annual Lunar Gala. Over a hundred CMU students, along with members of the Pittsburgh community, come together to create a show centered around the Zodiac animal of the lunar calendar. This year’s theme was Ferox. Lunar Gala described it as follows: “Ferox is […]

First Weekend of Spring 2018

One of my biggest regrets freshman year was not leaving my comfort zone more. I often pushed myself too much physically and mentally. Ultimately, this caused me to feel as though I almost wasted my first year. Luckily, the new year calls for a new school year, thus a new beginning. My roommate invited me […]

Neighborhood Series – Cafe Special Highlight: Tazza d’Oro (Highland Park location)

Start out the new year by doing something new. Whether it’s working out more or procrastinate less, how about explore more? This month I’d like to start the year featuring one of my new favorite cafes. You might know of it from its satellite location right on campus at the third floor of the Gates […]

Celebrating in style

One of the traditions of the Part Time program is to hold an End of Mini Celebration.  This specific end of mini, we decided to capitalize on the season and host an Ugly Sweater Party to get our classmates to celebrate the end of a tough 6 weeks.  Selecting a location was simple – The […]

Pittsburgh Winters – Sights, Sounds and Things To Do

For those of us from, shall I say, tropical climates, Pittsburgh winters are a whole new experience. Experiencing temperature drops of -11 degree Celsius (12 degree Fahrenheit), winds that can blow away anyone weighing less than 110 pounds, and snow a few inches deep can be quite intimidating. Naturally, we bundle up in goose-down jackets […]