Carnegie Mellon Activities That You Might Want to Know About

Carnegie Mellon academics keep the student body very busy but when we have free time, many of us like to watch or participate in activities or organizations on campus. Since there are so many things happening on CMU’s campus, it is easy to miss an activity that you would be interested in. Here are a […]

Exercising at Carnegie Mellon

I started to feel that college was limiting my capability to exercise. With the load of work and the constant press for time, it seemed like a luxury to exercise and still have enough energy to go through the day.

Tips for Stressful Weeks!

Multiple exams, lack of sleep, and overwhelming amounts of stress pretty much summarize midterm week. Midterm week is an amazing part of the semester where you must finish two papers, study for multiple exams, and give a presentation within a few days’ time. What a blast! Excuse my sarcasm but midterm week really is demanding. […]

Scotty Saturday 2017

Twas the time of the year, already seven weeks into the semester. Despite the unusually mild autumn, we are in the midst of the autumn season. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, with its comfortable weather, picturesque landscapes of the changing leaves (the type that one would need to resist the […]

Fall Activities Fair at Carnegie Mellon

Fall Activities Fair

In early September, there was the annual Carnegie Mellon University Activities Fair. The fair this year was on the cut, and with the 280+ organizations present plus all the attendees there, it was a sight.