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An Evening With Mohsin Hamid

Yesterday, we attended a Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures program titled “Ten Evenings” at the beautiful Carnegie Music Hall. Ten Evenings is a lecture series celebrating authors from around the world by inviting them to present on their creative process and share their thoughts on their books. The lecture we attended was by Mohsin Hamid, a […]

Of robots, submarines and space

If you’ve been wondering why Pluto has been demoted from its planet status, or you’ve always wanted to play air hockey against a robot, or you’re simply curious to see what your skin cells look like under a microscope, Carnegie Science Center is the place to go on your next day off. From interactive exhibits […]

Red & White (and Blue) Party

What happens when the Partners Club, the Wine Club and the Data Analytics Club walk into a bar (or a co-working space in this situation)? A Winter Olympics themed Red & White (and Blue) Party of course! With food and wine from around the world, super cool (pun intended) costumes, and real medals for all, […]


You’ve seen this word floating around on the internet. Think about it; on blogs, on Instagram feeds, probably even in cat videos. It’s casually thrown in Snapchat stories by millennials who’ve just discovered the use of the crockpot, or by that friend who’s changed their family vehicle from a sedan to an SUV to accommodate […]