So Why MSBA at CMU?

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MBA was never for me, throughout my career I was highly encourage to go for MBA as stepping stone for career progression. It just never appealed to me, I explored Master’s in other areas such as engineering management and Operations management. Program options and personal commitments just did not energize me to take on this journey. Finally in 2021, as I took on the role of AMI Operations manager I saw the need for advancing my knowledge. Dealing with Advanced electric metering data I saw so much potential to make data useful for customers and people in general.

I started researching about various business & data Analytics programs. As a Chicago resident – I had quiet a few choices around me. I was going back to school after 20yrs and I was very picky! I wanted to make sure the program I choose sparks my interest, had support and would create opportunities.

So why CMU over other universities? Few aspects really attracted me to CMU/Tepper – the program structure and curriculum were primary attraction and the support I experience during my admission process was phenomenal. I was going thru admission process simultaneously at 3 schools, CMU’s Coordinator was far more engaged than other two. checking in regularly, answering questions and encouraging to keep pushing thru the application process. THANKS @EMMA HINDMAN!

To summarize why Tepper’s online MSBA program:
18th month structured program
Combination of recorded and live sessions
Curriculum covers base subjects plus advanced
Based on Admission support-I was banking on a great supportive culture

To compare the other 2 programs, the program structure had choices in selecting the subjects you study which for a data world newbie made it feeling overwhelming. A lot of there classes were not taught live.

So Tepper MSBA is where I landed with my decision and 3 mini-semester’s into it feeling excited and confident that I made the right choice!

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