Hello there, I’m Anjali, and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Product Management at Tepper School of Business. As a student in this program, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some amazing moments, making new friends, and learning invaluable skills that I believe will help shape my future. In this blog post, I’m excited to take you on a journey through some of my favorite experiences as an MSPM student. Let’s dive in!

From the moment I stepped onto the campus during orientation, I knew that my experience as a student in the Master’s in Product Management program was going to be unforgettable. Meeting the awesome professors, making new friends, getting a hang of the campus, and running from one block to another to reach classes on time gave me Harry Potter vibes. Okay, maybe I didn’t see any wizards or Quidditch matches, but the hustle and bustle definitely had me feeling like I was at Hogwarts.

As a graduate student, managing time can be quite challenging, especially when there is so much to learn, along with events and parties to attend. It’s a balancing act, but I have learned to prioritize my assignments, classes, and group meetings so that I don’t miss out on any of the fun. Let’s just say, my calendar is my best friend, and time management is a skill you’ll master being a part of this program. But hey, it’s all worth it when I get to let loose and have a great time with my cohort.

First hangout at Mario’s Pittsburgh

From learning with the amazing professors and giving presentations during the weekdays to attending insightful sessions with alumni and guest speakers, MSPM offers an enriching experience. But the true highlight for me has been the weekend meetups at local pubs where I’ve bonded with my cohort over drinks and laughter. Whether it’s grabbing a pint of beer after class or celebrating a friend’s birthday, these gatherings are always a great way to unwind and connect with my cohort. It’s like a weekly reunion where we exchange tales of our hectic weeks and forget about our deadlines, if only for a few hours.

Classmates presenting case study in Product Marketing Class

AMA Session with Shalini Dinesh, Senior Product Manager at Walmart

Beer Fridays at the Tepper Quad

Another aspect of MSPM life that I love is the way we come together to celebrate festivals. Whether it’s splashing each other with color on Holi or river dancing at an Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s day, we always find a way to make the most of our time together. And when it comes to hosting gatherings on festivals, we are no slouches. The batch always goes all out, preparing delicious food, playing games, and having a blast. It’s like a party every other week, but with a cultural twist.

Celebrating Holi Desi Way

Enjoying Irish Stepdance with locals on St. Patrick’s Day

In fact, during our spring break, some of us even went on a trip to New York City. We visited some of the most famous attractions like Times Square, museums and took in all that the city has to offer. It was a much-needed break after a hectic mini, and it was great to bond with my fellow MSPM grads. It was like a big family vacation, but with more partying and less nagging.

NYC with the most fun gang in Spring break

All in all, my experience as an MSPM student has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride – filled with unforgettable emotions and experiences. Even though I have just started the program, I look forward to what it has in store. I feel privileged to have already made lifelong friends, learned invaluable skills, and created memories that will stay with me forever. It’s like being part of a cool, quirky, and diverse family, but with the added bonus of student debt to keep things interesting.

Anjali Prajapati | MSPM 2023
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