What to do when you are too young to retire?

Hello folks – I am Maryam Sultana, Electrical Engineer by profession, mother of 4 and a Mid-career professional seeking more purposeful professional work 😎
Having worked in the energy Industry for 20 years, professional life was getting too routine and non-exciting. Just turning 45 with kids being more independent, felt I got my time back 😊 in life. Started getting more involved in Volunteering, professional societies, career growth, new learnings and water sports (Love anything to do with water).
Got into a leadership role with Electric Metering, but was still kind of feeling lost as if something was missing and wanted to do more with my life. Decided to go for my Masters, having a 18 year old looking into colleges helped 😊. Started evaluating my choices, and as I was doing so something just clicked. All of a sudden the power of data unleashed, my mind started connecting data to all of its possibilities of improving societies and human life. Travels took me to Egypt and instead of vacationing my mind could not stop thinking about how data could be utilized.

So here I am enrolled in the MSBA program at Tepper! In my next blog will share as to how & Why I choose Tepper.

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