Final Semester Bucket List

Though the oddly warm weather suggests otherwise, it’s now the middle of December—just over five months away from graduation. I’ve turned in my last few projects and papers for the fall semester, and though I’m already getting emails from Professor Lamont about the spring Management Game capstone course, I’m trying to get some much needed rest during the month-long break.

My seven semesters thus far have been incredible and filled with growth, learning, and fun. I’ve gotten to experience a lot of the quintessential CMU student things—painting the Fence, going to Carnival, being an OC (Go Mudge!), and more—along with some more unique opportunities like the Washington Semester Program and Dietrich’s Senior Honors Program. However, because I want to make sure I really make the most of my final few months in college, I’ve put together a little bucket list of items ranging from simple local activities to lofty personal goals. When I look back in May, I hope I can cross most of these off the list!

  • Use the Arts Pass more! I’ve been to the Carnegie Museums a decent amount and wish I could live at the Heinz History Center (especially in its amazing archives), but there are a few venues I’ve somehow never visited: the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Science Center, and the National Aviary.
  • Go to the Carrie Blast Furnaces.
  • Talk to 3+ professors I’ve never met. CMU truly has some of the most brilliant leaders in every field, and I want to pick the brains of as many as I can.
  • Find a new favorite study spot. I’ve been looking for good places to work outside of my apartment, and I know the perfect combination of table/desk+chair+outlet must exist somewhere.
  • Go to an a cappella concert.
  • Watch a really good sunrise.
  • Watch a really good sunset.
  • Find the best pad see ew in Pittsburgh.
  • Get into grad school. As I send off my last application this week, it’s almost entirely out of my hands, but this one would be really fun and cool and exciting and beneficial for my career dreams and… yeah. Fingers crossed!
  • Present at the annual Meeting of the Minds. This is required for both my senior honors thesis and my history capstone project, so I guess my bucket list item is to present my research well.

These ten are just a taste of the many things I’m hoping to do in my final semester, and I’m excited to make them all happen. But first—sleep.

Happy holidays!

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