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Recently, we announced the Tepper Women in Business Leadership Conference 2021!

I remember this time last year when I was equally invested and involved in the planning to this event in-person. I remember the year before that when I was looking at my aimed schools and the most pressing aspect that I would look at would be this conference, UCLA Anderson’s Velocity Summits and the likes. For me, a lot can be said about a school by looking at the kind of resource investment they’re making to place themselves at the forefront as a comfortable space for diversity. Now that I have spent almost a year and a half at Tepper, I am happy and hopeful.

The Class of 2022 took a really bad hit in terms of the class profile. From 33% to 25%, the drop in #s was disappointing. For the entire past year, we have been trying to support and seek womxn admissions in MBA. We’ve been trying to initiate discussions, dispel reservations while considering Tepper and most of all, we’ve been trying to build this community stronger than before. Initiating conversations between accomplished alumni, both womxn and allies and the Tepper students, mentorship programs, and ensuring our commitment through tough times by striving to keep the annual traditions alive, like the Alumna of the Year awards – these all have been means to our goal. Suitable to say, we’ve been RESILIENT through the tough times. It was only befitting that we celebrate this resilience through our annual Leadership Conference 2021 theme as Resilience as well.

Despite all this, Tepper is not an equitable and just place. We’ve a long way to go. This time around, I am happy about the signaling Tepper is sending out to the universe – the diversity numbers look unjust. And the efforts look inviting. I hope that more folks like us join the school, looking at this outlook and when they come inside, they stay resolute to make this a better place with every passing day. I hope that each one of us become the change that we seek. * <3

*Attributed to Barack Obama

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