A New Tartan into the Mix

I’m going to be fully transparent here, I am completely new to the blogging world. Would you look at that, I already forgot to introduce myself. Let’s fix that, my name is Aditya Thakkar and I am currently an undergrad freshman studying at the Tepper School of Business. Pursuing a B.S in Business Administration, I am set to graduate in 2024. Side note here, but most people just call me Adi! So cheers to the beginning of my journey as a blogger, and let’s get into who I  really am.

When people ask “What’s your favorite hobby?”, I don’t just have one answer but instead 3 ones since the beginning of time. First things first, I adore food and am always down to try a new dish of any flavor or any cuisine, as long as it is vegetarian. Secondly, nature is by far my favorite place to be regardless of the time of day. Lastly, I love to travel and aspire to visit as many countries as I possibly can to learn about the unique cultures.


I say we start with food, because my mouth is already melting. As an Indian by origin, I am slightly biased but it is most definitely my favorite cuisine. I usually do not enjoy answering this question, but for those of you wondering my favorite dishes are the Mumbai style street-side chaats. Take that with a grain of salt, because my preferred dish honestly depends on the mood. Chaats, by the way, are essentially a blend of spices, usually potatoes, some sort of crisp, and yogurt.

Natural Beauty

Moving onto nature, it all started when I travelled to Yellowstone National Park at the age of 10. Since then, I have made it my mission to travel from park to park all over the country. As a native of New Jersey, I was used to a bustling America completely unaware of this country’s vastness. Over the years, I have been able to visit Death Valley in California, the Grand Canyon, Haleakala National Park in Hawaii, and a multitude of state parks. Each and every destination, carries its own style and photos cannot even begin to do justice to these places. Whether it’s the sand flats of Death Valley, the curves of the canyon, or peaks in the clouds at Haleakala, they all make you feel disconnected from our bustling world.


You know you enjoy travel, when you master the art of sleeping upright on a flight to wherever. As a lover of food and nature, travel is my median to access these hobbies and enjoy them in entirely new ways. Through driving and flying I have been able to visit more than 30 of this America’s states. My favorite by far has to be Wyoming due to Yellowstone, but I am itching to go to Utah soon. On an international stage, I have been fortunate to visit various parts of India, some destinations in Canada, and Cancun, Mexico. Goa, India remains my favorite international destination due to its serene beaches.

On a note of Adventure, my experiences at Tepper is going to be the biggest one yet. There are still many unknowns for me, but I cannot wait to explore the opportunities at hand. Alright so that is me, and I am really excited to join the Life at Tepper team. I cannot wait to share my experiences with yinz over the next four, but for now Adi’s signing off.

P.S The featured photo above is a view of Mt. Tammany, here in NJ by the Delaware River at 4 am.

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