print(‘Hello, World!’)

For those who have yet to enter the programming world, the “Hello, World” program is a simple program that prints the “Hello, World” text and is often the first program a developer writes when experiencing a new programming language. As a software engineer I couldn’t help myself from drawing the nerdy connection in the title of my first blog post.

My name is Luke Miller, and I am a first year (Class 2023) student in the Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA program at Tepper. As I mentioned earlier, I am a software development engineer for Amazon, currently working on the Amazon FSx service in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) organization.

I grew up in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania which is a small suburb of Philadelphia, and as of recently I have found my way back home. Currently, I live in Philadelphia, but along the way I have worked in Seattle, Boston and New York.

I have three brothers who I am very close with. We grew up playing a wide range of sports such as lacrosse and ice hockey, and we always found ways to compete with one another. I continue to seek out ways to improve my fitness and find new athletic and adventurous experiences. In 2017 I ran the TCS New York City Marathon and have been working to become a better runner and discover new experiences through running ever since. For fun, I also like to snow ski, wakeboard, and play golf.

For undergrad I went to Bucknell University where I studied Computer Science & Engineering. Since graduating from Bucknell in 2015, I have been working for Amazon and have had the fortunate experience to work on a number of new projects such as the Elastic File System and Amazon FSx. While mostly contributing to these projects in a technical role, I realized that I wanted to explore many of the non-technical areas that I am also interested in.

My high-level goal for business school is to enable more opportunity for myself in the future, and more specifically to develop a business and management skill-set that will compliment my existing technical skill-set. Given the similarities I found between the Tepper and Amazon communities, the endless Tepper resources, and the flexibility of Tepper’s Part-time Online MBA, Tepper seemed like the perfect fit for me.

What most excites me is the opportunity to learn and to develop new ideas. I am only halfway through my first mini and I am amazed by the amount of resources that are made available to the Tepper students. In addition to the core curriculum, I have already taken advantage of the club workshops to develop new skills and to gain exposure to new industries, as well as the Accelerate Leadership Center to sharpen my leadership skills. One of my favorite workshops so far has been the Tableau workshop hosted by the Data Analytics Club during our first Access Weekend.

I am proud to be a part of the Tepper community, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all throughout my Tepper journey!

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