Peek-a-boo! New Blogger Saying Hello!


With that face and this name, it won’t be a challenge to “profile” me (any Criminal Minds fans here?). Let me ask a different question instead: Which city/state do you think this picture was taken in? Post your answer in the comments. 🙂

To take you towards the right answer, here’s a bit about me: Hello! I am Nandita, 1662nd of her name, 3rd of her generation in her family and a second-year MBA student at Tepper. I come from a quaint, little town called Bhagalpur, in the state of Bihar, in the northern plains of India.

I grew up biking my way across a small town, schooling religiously, listening to my father recite a poem for every life event and following around my mother to become the empowered, independent woman she wanted me to be. If you know me, you’d know how strongly these traits define me today.

I’m an engineer by degree – I graduated in Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from a premier institute in India, back in 2014. After graduation, I worked in telecommunication for five years – first, as an R&D Engineer and next, as a Senior Product Developer. I loved my job and between the future career trajectories of being an architect vs being a business strategist, I chose the latter. This decision sent me, first, to a shopping spree for the business suits, and eventually, all the way to the US for an academic life at Tepper!

The past year has been an amazing ride, not only with Tepper (something that I’ll keep talking about through this blog) but also through the happy fall and spring breaks that helped me explore the sunrises, the sunsets, the mountains and the rivers in this new country. Some things change, everything else remains! <3

Signing off for now! Till the next peek-a-boo, here is an eyeful of beauty I got to capture around, before getting stuck at my (beautiful!) home.

Sand Dunes, Colorado

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