Tartan Proud

T-A-R-T-A-N-S. Tartans!

I miss cheering at football games at Gesling Stadium in the fall and basketball games in Skibo gym in the spring alongside my teammates. Although CMU doesn’t always have the best turn out at games, I still enjoy being on the cheer team and spending weekends supporting our athletes, while also learning new dances and stunts. Being on the cheer team has been an invaluable experience. The sport and its many challenges have taught me the importance of positivity, patience, and persistence. Not only have I learned important life lessons from my coach, but I have also met some of my closest friends. I’ve been on the team for the past three years and am hopeful that things will return to normal soon so I can continue to cheer at games my senior year alongside my teammates.

Sonali Gupta | Undergraduate Business 2021
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