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My name is Sonali Gupta and I am a rising senior in the undergraduate business program at Carnegie Mellon. I’m majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Business Technology and I’m minoring in Global Systems and Management. I grew up in Cupertino, California, a small town in the Bay Area, where I lived until I was 12 years old. My family and I then moved to a well-known and popular tourist destination – Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Although initially upset about the move, I was also amazed by the stark differences between the two cities. While I spent my early childhood in a quiet suburban area, I spent my more formative years in a louder, bustling city. Upon moving to Vancouver, I picked up a few Canadian stereotypes, such as my slight accent and love for figure skating. When I lived in California, I spent far more time enjoying the beautiful weather; in Vancouver, however, I spent most of my rainy days after school in ice rinks, either training for my own upcoming tests or competitions or coaching young children!

When it came time to college decisions a couple years later, making a decision about what university to attend for the next 4 years proved to be a challenge. I was torn between staying closer to home and venturing out beyond the west coast and seeing what the other side of the continent had to offer. I ultimately chose to come to Carnegie Mellon, a school over 2,500 miles away from home, because of the strong technical skillset and unique academic and professional opportunities Tepper would allow me to explore. The school prides itself on being interdisciplinary and Tepper has truly allowed me to explore my diverse range of interests in business, economics, sociology, and law.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading, building puzzles, figure skating, hiking, baking, and cooking. By coming to Carnegie Mellon, I’ve found that I have not only been able to pursue my academic and professional interests, but I’ve also been lucky to enjoy my favorite activities in the city as well. Pittsburgh is so different from both Cupertino and Vancouver and I’m lucky to have had the past three years to explore the unique and vibrant culture. Although we recently made the transition to remote learning, given the current situation with Covid-19, I am anxiously waiting for the day we can safely return to Carnegie Mellon’s campus and continue taking advantage of all that Pittsburgh has to offer!

Sonali Gupta | Undergraduate Business 2021
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