Short Poems: Remote Work + Virtual Access Weekend Reflections

“Virtual Access Weekend”

No snacks enjoyed with numerous laughs*,

Final taken apart, lots of R code and graphs.

Yet seeing everyone’s faces brings cheer,

Loved the Tepper glass for my beer**.

The Tepper staff is undeniably caring,

They listen so feedback is worth sharing.

I taught my first virtual yoga class today,

Not surprised, Tepper students slay,

Throughout the fitness class and school day!


Written: 5/3/2020

*The snacks at Access Weekends are fantastic (some even home-made)!

**Tepper made us feel united by shipping all of us a Tepper beer glass for our virtual beers session last Friday! How nice?

See the Tepper beer glass below:











“Be Kind while WFH”

It’s okay to not tackle it all,

It’s fine to take baby steps – just crawl.

There is a sense of loss with added limitations,

A feeling of missing out, no weekend vacations.

Yes, we may be crankier and feel frustrations,

But I’ve found time to work on various creations,

Thinking how to use my excess home time via multiple applications.

It’s really not all so bad,

But yes, I miss the life of a traveling nomad*.


Written: 5/1/2020

 *I used to travel weekly (Monday through Thursday) around North America for my managing consultant role at IBM

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