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The end of the year is always such a great opportunity to look back at everything we’ve accomplished. It’s amazing how different I feel from when I was applying to Tepper two years ago. I remember having to put together all of my credentials to submit to Tepper as so many prospective students are doing now.

If you’re in the midst of applying to Tepper, the MBA Admissions blog has a couple tips from first-year MBA students about how to prepare your resume and who to ask for recommendations from. Cynthia Mills says to consider if the CEO of your company would care about the accomplishments you list on your resume to decide what is important to include, while Penny Barnes recommends using it to demonstrate your career growth. For your recommendations, Ben O’Bright reminds you that you don’t need high-ranking execs to impress the admission committee, and Nitzan Sherman says to make sure to have a conversation with your recommenders about what your goals are with an MBA.

ICYMI, check out the two previous posts in this series, about your application essays and your personal narrative and goals.


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