Applying MBA Skills on the Job

Showing my notes to Mike during one of the Leadership Access Weekend Sessions

Tepper’s Online / Flex programs offer career-oriented students the opportunity to earn a top-tier MBA while advancing their career.  The combination of work and school allows students to apply technical and managerial skills on the job, putting to use class concepts to solve real problems using real data.

Even before starting the MBA, I knew a few key components of my skill set were missing: accounting, finance, and managerial presentations (stage fright) to name a few.  Once diving into the classes, I discovered additional skills that I didn’t even realize were lacking.  These comprised both technical skills and methods to increase my efficacy as a manager.  Skills such as:

  • Logistic Regressions
  • Optimization Models
  • Machine Learning
  • Hiring Effective Teams
  • Contribution Margins

Rather than bore with details of the above (that’s what an MBA is for), I polled our class to determine which skills we’ve collectively put to use on the job.  Here are the results based on our first 3.5 / 8 semesters:



What skills will you apply to your career?

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