Data Analytics Club

Give me the numbers! Data analytics is a big field, a necessity for every industry. It’s how higher-ups make important decisions. It’s the proof behind the pudding.

The Data Analytics Club offers a way for MBA students to practice data analysis. This gives MBA students some real-world experience and knowledge of one of the most important parts of any company. 

Let’s see what the Data Analytics Club here at Tepper is all about:


  • The DA Club’s founder says their goal is “to educate the students about the latest advances, applications of analytics in various fields and also to empower them with managerial level analytical knowledge to make them more effective in whatever field they’re working in.”
  • They collaborate with the Wine Club more often than any other club!
  • With a 50% more favorable gender ratio (data!) than the Tepper average, the DA Club is diverse and open to all.

Working Together

  • Their biggest partnership is with Duolingo who sponsors their analytics case competition as well as giving the club a tour of their corporate office here in Pittsburgh.
  • Tepper’s Data Analytics club allows Heinz College’s Analytics Club to join their Duolingo case competition. Each team has to have at least one person from each school, so there’s a lot of cross-program collaboration!

Events, Events, Events

  • The DA Club hosts some educational events throughout the year. Last year, they had Professor Lee discuss AI and machine learning, which they say was a perfect mix of information and entertainment.
  • They’re planning to do an analytics wine tasting event with the Wine Club. 
  • Treks are a major thing for clubs here at Tepper, and the DA Club is no exception. Last December, they did a Pittsburgh trek to different companies, but they’re looking into going somewhere else in the future!
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