My (Somewhat) Brief Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m Jonny, and I’m a freshman at the Tepper School of Business. I chose to major in business partly because I know a lot about economics, partly because I’m interested in finding jobs with high salaries, and mostly because I’m fascinated with how businesses run their operations and maximize profit. Back in high school, I played football and lacrosse for my school’s varsity teams. I was the managing editor for my school’s satirical newspaper, and I founded the economics club with two of my friends.

But now, I’m in college. It’s a strange feeling knowing that I’m hundreds of miles away from home, surrounded by dozens of unknown buildings and thousands of unfamiliar people. I’ve left behind all the sports I played, all the clubs I joined, and all the relations I’ve built during my time in high school. It’s the perfect time to start figuring out what I’m truly passionate about.

Since I’ve been at CMU for less than two weeks, I’ve tasked myself with exploring campus and the surrounding Pittsburgh areas. Joining a buggy team seems exciting, especially since I’ve never done anything like it before. I’m still searching for business clubs to join, and I’m confident I’ll find a club sport that suits my restless spirit and competitive nature. Rushing frats with my friends has been a memorable experience, and adjusting to college life here still takes up most of my time.

The complete freedom I have over my own schedule is a bit anxiety-inducing, but I find it exhilarating. There’s so many opportunities to chase, so many activities to try. I’ve saved at least a dozen meal blocks just by going to different club events and taking advantage of the free food that’s always available. When I don’t have time for breakfast, I just grab free pancakes from a buggy stand in front of Doherty Hall. After my last class, there’s usually a Facebook post about an event hosted by a club or association, which always means a free dinner. Some of my friends have tried eating all their meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at events that offer free food.

I’ve met hundreds of people so far, most of whom I’ve forgotten the names of. As a proud member of Scobell House, I’ve already purchased a Scobell tank top and followed the meme page. I’ve tried many of the restaurants around campus, with the Underground being my favorite so far. I learned that I’m not as good at card games as I originally thought (some of the CS kids have insane reaction times), but there’s still lots of free time I can use to improve my skills. The first couple days here at CMU have definitely been hectic, but it’s also been incredibly fun. I’m looking forward to finding out what adventures I’ll get to embark on during my next four years here.

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