The cohort graduating in 2021 of the Tepper Part Time Online Hybrid MBA take a group photo in the Tepper Quad in the Spring of 2019.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In Weekends

In Workshops

  • 61 Accelerate Leadership 1:1 Coaching Sessions Live at Access Weekends

    Coaching sessions are also available remotely via Vidyo with flexible scheduling hours for part-time students.

  • 14 Masters Career Counseling (MCC) 1:1 Coaching Sessions Live at Access Weekends

    Appointments can be scheduled with counselors specialized in specific business functions (Consulting/Strategy, Marketing/Operations/Technology, or Finance) and available remotely via Vidyo with flexible scheduling hours for part-time students.

  • 7 MBA Workshops

    Acting for Business

    The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

    Education in a Virtual Environment

    Integrated View of Business

    ExperienceChange™ Simulation

    Design Thinking

    National Robotics Engineering Center NREC – CMU’s Robotic Institute

  • 13 Accelerate Leadership Labs

    Building Networks of Influence & Finding a Mentor/Sponsor

    Mock Interview & Resume Review

    Networking Strategy Session

    Leadership in a Multi-Generational Workforce

    Leading With Emotional Intelligence

    Navigating Transitions

    Develop Your Leadership Skills with Improvisation

    Executive Presence

    Elevator Pitches, STAR Stories, and Interview Questions

    What Makes a Star Performer

    Own Your Own Career – A Grit, Resilience, and Growth Mindset

    Managing Your Energy

    Strengths Based Partnerships

In Classes

  • 12 First Year Courses

    Mini 1: Managing People & Teams and Probability & Statistics

    Mini 2: Managerial Economics and Accounting I

    Mini 3: Financial & Managerial Accounting II and Optimization

    Mini 4: Statistical Decision Making and Managing Networks & Organizations

    Mini 5: Corporate Strategy and Management Presentations

    Mini 6: Finance I and Interpersonal Management Communications

  • 27 2nd & 3rd Year Courses

    Global Economics

    Lean Entrepreneurship

    Finance II

    Operations Management

    Marketing Management

    Ethics & Leadership

    Real Options

    Globally Distributed Teams

    Venture Capital and Private Equity

    Commercialization and Innovation: Strategy

    Executive Communications Skills

    New Product Management

    Operations Strategy

    Data Visualization

    Corporate Finance

    Strategic IT

    Management Game

    Organizational Change

    Marketing Research

    Entrepreneurial Alternatives

    Machine Learning for MBAs

    Service Management

    Pricing Strategy

    Business Networks


    Big Data


In Cups of Coffee

  • Let’s just say A LOT

In Emails

  • 1898 Emails

    712 regarding coursework

    117 regarding Access Weekends

    885 regarding club activities and social activities during and between Access Weekends

    75 regarding tuition and financial aid

    91 regarding the Accelerate Leadership Center & Master Career Counseling

    48 regarding CMU alumni and networking opportunities

  • 24 Slack Channels
  • 10619 WhatsApp Messages

    Part time cohorts chat about Access Weekends, classes,  full time jobs, and hobbies such as running, watching Game of Thrones, and fantasy football.

In Miles

  • 764 Average Miles from Part-Timer’s Hometowns to the Tepper Quad

    127 students collectively traveled nearly 200,000 miles for the 6 Access Weekends; some students traveled from as far as China, Japan, Italy, San Jose, CA or Seattle, WA.

In Laughter, In Strife