Pro Bono Consulting Club

Hitting the books is an important part of becoming knowledgeable on a subject. But nothing beats putting what you learn into practice, especially for the good of others!

The Pro Bono Consulting Club here at Tepper does just that. Check out what makes this MBA club special and what exactly they do:

Quick Facts

  • They consult with Pittsburgh nonprofits on many strategic initiatives that help their members gain experience in what they learn in the classroom.
  • PBCC is the only club that works entirely outside of CMU. They even have a team of Part Time Online Hybrid MBA students that are completely remote!

To Tepper & Beyond

  • PBCC says their purpose is to give back to both the Tepper and Pittsburgh communities! 
  • Club members travel together to client meetings where they have the opportunities to sit in on board meetings and see how the companies they are working with operate.
  • They collaborate with the Net Impact Club to work with impact-driven organizations to practice their skills.

Looking Forward

  • PBCC is working with twelve clients this year!
  • They plan to host their first symposium for students, their clients, and other Pittsburgh nonprofits. Stay tuned!
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