Tepper Golf Club

Get in, we’re going golfing!

At Tepper, there are many clubs for MBA students to gather and do something that aligns with their interests, both in and out of the classroom. (That includes hitting the links.) 

Time to check out what Tepper Golf Club is all about!

What to Expect

  • Their goal is “to help current golfers keep their games sharp and help new golfers learn the game, inside and out.”
  • Plan to attend some events full of fun and — you guessed it — golf. Every year, they venture out to Top Golf, as well as hosting a pub crawl!

Little Did You Know…

  • Tepper Golf Club is known for being “most improved” from 2018 to 2019, with only more to come as the year begins!
  • Golf and Tepper are a match made in heaven — a round of golf is often used as a networking tool to expand your opportunities and connections. Time to shape up your swing because networking is par for the course in your future career!

On the Agenda

  • This upcoming year, Tepper Golf Club plans on creating more golf events, including a golf tournament with other MBA programs. (Another great networking opportunity!)
  • They’re looking to partner with any club that wants to collaborate on some fun, golf-related events!

Regan Gleason | MBA 2020

Brand Manager Intern at E. & J. Gallo Winery
Regan Gleason joined Tepper after eight years in Chicago working for startups and Fortune 500 tech companies in marketing and business development roles. Her internship was with E&J Gallo Winery as a brand manager working on the Apothic Wines team to develop a direct-to-consumer strategy.

The Tepper experience is what you make of it. Regan participates in countless clubs and is the student body (GBA) Marketing Chair, which she co-manages the school’s Instagram. She is also an editor for the weekly school newspaper, the Robber Barons, on the Welcome Weekend Committeeand a student ambassador.

In her free time, Regan enjoys traveling, boozy brunches and a good laugh. She lives in Shadyside and loves having classmates as her neighbors.

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Regan Gleason | MBA 2020

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