South Asian Business Association

Getting your MBA is some hard, hard work. We know this. But while you’re here, you should have a little fun too! Tepper has tons of clubs for MBA students to join communities with similar passions, interests, backgrounds, and experiences. The opportunities are endless!

Let’s take a quick dive into a club all about diversity, inclusion, and a bit of fun — The South Asian Business Association (SABA).

Quick Facts

  • SABA’s club leaders say their goal is to “expose our classmates to amazing cultural activities, exclusive networking opportunities, a Speaker Series with CEOs and billionaire entrepreneurs, delicious food, and more.”
  • Every year, SABA hosts Diwali, where tons of people come together to celebrate the Festival of Colors and dance the night away!

Bold Statements

  • They claim to have some of the best food of all the MBA clubs, often partnering with the Culinary Club. The two groups work together to teach classmates how to make some yummy South Asian dishes (and taste everything, of course).
  • Holi: It’s a super fun event where loud music blasts through speakers while everyone throws colored powder at one another as a unique way to highlight diversity and inclusion.

Looking Forward

  • On the agenda for the upcoming semester, SABA plans to bring South Asians and non-South Asians closer together!


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