Carnegie Mellon Graduate & “Nine Weeks Left Update”

Guess who graduated yesterday? That’s right, me! It was an amazing day filled with bittersweet moments. And as I participated in the different commencement activities, I reflected on my past four years and thought of all the wonderful things I have experienced during my time at CMU. I was able to thank my friends, family, and faculty for all that they have done to help me get here while celebrating my own accomplishments alongside them. Now, I can turn my attention towards the next chapter of my life where I hope to keep the friendships and connections I made at Carnegie Mellon.

As for my update on how I was doing on my final project, this is how I believe I did:

  • 28/30 points: Take advantage of being so close to your friends!
  • 20/20 points: Thank your professors/advisors for their support and wisdom!
  • 48/50 points:  Enjoy yourself!
  • (BONUS) 10/30 points: Get a 4.0 for last semester!

During senior week, I spent time with my friends everyday, I thanked all of those close to me for helping me get this far, and I most definitely enjoyed myself! As for the bonus, I got one B this semester which prevented me from getting a 4.0 but I still graduated with university honors so I was satisfied!

In total, I got 106/100 for my final week at Carnegie Mellon! Personally, I think that is a pretty good grade.

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