Carnegie Mellon Graduate & “Nine Weeks Left Update”

Guess who graduated yesterday? That’s right, me! It was an amazing day filled with bittersweet moments. And as I participated in the different commencement activities, I reflected on my past four years and thought of all the wonderful things I have experienced during my time at CMU. I was able to thank my friends, family, and faculty for all that they have done to help me get here while celebrating my own accomplishments alongside them. Now, I can turn my attention towards the next chapter of my life where I hope to keep the friendships and connections I made at Carnegie Mellon.

As for my update on how I was doing on my final project, this is how I believe I did:

  • 28/30 points: Take advantage of being so close to your friends!
  • 20/20 points: Thank your professors/advisors for their support and wisdom!
  • 48/50 points:  Enjoy yourself!
  • (BONUS) 10/30 points: Get a 4.0 for last semester!

During senior week, I spent time with my friends everyday, I thanked all of those close to me for helping me get this far, and I most definitely enjoyed myself! As for the bonus, I got one B this semester which prevented me from getting a 4.0 but I still graduated with university honors so I was satisfied!

In total, I got 106/100 for my final week at Carnegie Mellon! Personally, I think that is a pretty good grade.

Seth Henry | Undergrad Econ 2019

Incoming Cyber Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton
Seth is a senior Economics major and is minoring in International Relations and Politics (IRP) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has interned for a tech-lobbying firm, the United States Senate, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Outside of class, he is a captain on the men’s basketball team, a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council, and a member of several other committees. In his free time, he likes to binge watch Netflix, play hearthstone, and beat people in Catan! You can usually find him in Skibo Gym, or in the University Center playing basketball.

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