Two Quick Updates! Special Olympics and Last Day of Classes

First Update:

Last weekend was the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania (SOPA) Western Spring Sectional. SOPA has made Carnegie Mellon its home for the Western Spring Sectional for the last four years and each year has been an amazing experience for both the athletes and for those working the event. This year was no different! This year I was fortunate enough to move from a committee role to a role as competition director and was tasked with overseeing all the competition events like swimming, basketball, golf, and athletics. I highly recommend participating in this event! It has been the greatest experience I have had during my time here and I can only imagine what wonders it could do for you as well as for the athletes.

Second Update:

Yesterday was my last day of classes during my time here at Carnegie Mellon. It hasn’t hit me yet, most likely because I still have finals to deal with, but I am one step closer to graduating. It feels bitter sweet because I know I am going to miss college a bunch but at the same time I have worked so hard for the past four years and I think it is time to say goodbye for now. I am still working on my personal project I told you guys about a few months ago but do not fret! I will reveal my final project grade closer to graduation. Until then, enjoy the wonderful weather Pittsburgh has been giving us! *Knock on wood*

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