Tepper Takes Tokyo!

Over Spring Break, almost 40 Tepper students and partners had the incredible opportunity to explore the wonderful country of Japan! The “Japan trek” was organized by 7 Japanese MBA students, some of whom served as our guides for the trek.


We got to explore some of Japan’s cultural sites and major cities, including Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hakone. We spent time getting to know each other in beautiful hot springs and sharing delicious meals.


Exploring exhibits at the Digital Art Museum in Tokyo

On a Japanese bullet train, the Shinkansen!

Some students in front of an Osaka castle

Glamour shots! Japan really brings out your eyes 🙂

A traditional Japanese dinner. There are a lot of new flavors on these plates!


Getting to see the sites and taste some awesome foods was a great experience, but getting to know my classmates better was the best part. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s trek!

Daniel Ryave | MBA & MSPM 2020

Born and raised in the great city of Pittsburgh, Daniel received his undergraduate degree in psychology and cognitive science from Case Western Reserve University. Three weeks after graduating, he was on a plane to Togo, West Africa, beginning his service in the Peace Corps. He led Togo’s largest American malaria prevention task force, analyzed data to better tailor gender equity programs, and created a curriculum for healthcare providers to curtail patient abuse. Daniel chose to enroll in CMU’s dual-degree program so that one day he can make positive and sustainable change in the world. In his free time, Daniel enjoys volunteering in the community, rewatching The Office, running half-marathons, and nervously watching the Pirates.

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