Spring Semester > Fall Semester

For me, the spring semester is always more exciting than the fall semester! Why?

Reason #1 is SPRING BREAK! With almost two weeks into school since Spring break, and the upcoming brutal midterm week, I couldn’t help but think about the fun and peaceful spring break week I had this year! For Spring break, I went to Cabo in Mexico with a couple of friends. Beach, never ending oceans, clear skies, good food, warm weather and friends around you: what else does one need to make it a wonderful break to relax and get away from the stress at college?

Reason #2 is SPRING CARNIVAL! (which this year is during the second week of April): Spring carnival is yet another joyful event here at CMU with the entire campus having no classes and everyone coming together for bringing in a good time. There are many wonderful themed booths built by fellow students, buggy races, rides, music, comedy, good food, and tonnes of fun. There is also a chance for alumni to reconnect with each other, and for current students to reconnect with friends who may have graduated during this Spring Carnival. Cherry on top: it is right after midterms end for most people giving us an avenue to relax and rejuvenate post exams and gear up for finals thereafter. It is truly one of my favorite parts of CMU. Excited for it this year!

The spring semester truly offers us the opportunity to perfectly balance academics and the world outside classes, to put our best foot forward into academics given that we have the chance to relax our minds often, and to connect with the university during the weekend of Spring Carnival and explore different places during the week of Spring Break!

Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021

Born and brought up in India, Saniya came to study at Carnegie Mellon University as anundergraduate business major. She was always interested in the fields of marketing, economics and business and hence chose this career field. In her free time, she likes to swim, cook, binge watch Netflix or just be with friends and family. In school, she was a part of volunteer work and would love to continue that association to society lifelong. She also loves traveling and wishes to explore as many places as she can on this globe. Saniya loves to learn new things, share experiences, get to know different people and learn from life as it comes.
Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021

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