My Leadership Journey

The Leadership Program

Here at Tepper, you realize that your MBA journey is coming to an end when you receive the email from the Accelerate Leadership Center that is time to schedule your Leadership Journey Presentation. This is the final requirement an MBA student at Tepper must take to receive the leadership certification. To understand the Leadership Program better check it out here: Accelerate Leadership Center.


My Journey

I decided to do an MBA abroad because first, it was my dream, and second, I wanted to be exposed to different cultures and somehow understand the world better. After being thrilled to have been accepted at Tepper and thinking that this was actually going to happen, I started to freak out about my English skills. At that point, I didn’t have the opportunity to speak in English for more than three days or so. So, when I started the MBA Program I took advantage of our coaches from Accelerate to help me overcome this challenge. It wasn’t about a lack of knowledge, but lack of confidence. The coaches helped me build confidence in a way that goes beyond speaking a second language.

Supportive Network

Part of the Leadership Program involved defining goals and creating action plans to achieve them. One plan was for the first year, and another for the second year. I can say that the only way I could succeed was by asking for help from my classmates, second years (when I wasn’t one), and my family. Recognizing that we achieve much more when we have a supporting network was key for my journey, and I can’t thank my Tepper family and my husband enough for that.


Another important element was to be part of club boards. My coach really encouraged me to do so. I applied and got in, and I am so glad I did. One thing is to do homework and class projects with your classmates, another is to really work with your classmates. Being part of boards simulates the corporate environment. I was on the Board of two Clubs, the Consulting Club, and the Latin American Business Club. They enabled me to work with people from China, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Russia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, US and others that I might be forgetting. This definitely matched my goal to be exposed to different cultures. And I have learned so much from all of them. The funny thing is that more than anything,

I have learned about myself. I have learned to value my strengths and be confident that if I got here it is because I am capable of achieving my dreams. And the best way to do so is surrounded by people that you admire and support you to get there.

Thank you Tepper Family!

Luisa Felix Souza | MBA 2019
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