Quantathon 2019

The Quant Club at CMU holds an annual competition sponsored by Goldman Sachs called the Quantathon. As an aspiring computational finance student, I participated in the Quantathon this year with my friends Kunal Rajani (TSB ’22) and Vivek Rao (TSB ’21). The day began at 9:15 AM during check-in, and after a brief introduction by the Quant Club president and the representatives from Goldman, we received the problem set and began solving the questions.

There were three questions that we had to solve and we had from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM to figure everything out and submit an answer for validation. Wean Hall 5403 became our zone for the next few hours, as we went from blackboard to blackboard drawing pictures and writing equations trying to grasp for an answer. As time neared 1:00 PM, we suddenly saw our thoughts come together and were able to find a tangible answer for each of the questions.

Following the submission period, we worked to make our presentation slides in the event that we were chosen to present later that night. Knowing that we did not take the traditional mathematical approaches to solving the question, our slides were simply a string of pictures of the work we did on the board in order to get our answer — and our presentation approach would be to explain all of the work.

Although we did not get chosen to present our work to the judges, it was a great experience getting to solve the questions and meeting people from Goldman Sachs, and I can not wait to participate again next year!


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