Carnegie Leadership Week

Good leadership is important in any team and any kind of work to build a common purpose, brainstorm amicably in the face of diversity of thought and to achieve a shared goal. Keeping this in mind, it is important for all of us to learn how to be a better leader. And that is why we have “Carnegie Leadership Week”- a week where you can grow as a leader, meet with your community, and learn from the experiences of alumni and peers. Cherry on top: free food, friends and  loads of fun!

There are many events planned and there’s something for everyone:

  • The first event is “Lightning Talks” on 2/11 where you can listen to campus leaders talk about how they’ve developed and connected to their communities through leadership.
  • Followed by this is the “Leadership and Social Change Alumni Panel” on 2/12 where you can listen to CMU alumni talk about their experiences using leadership to drive social change in the local Pittsburgh community, and beyond.
  • Our third event is “Women in Leadership Lunch” on 2/13 where you can join other woman leaders for networking and sharing experiences. With changing demographics, and women leaving a great impact in different industries and different roles, this can be a great opportunity for networking and celebrating women who are making a difference.
  • Finally we have the “Diversity in Leadership” event on 2/14, especially meant for the FirstGen network. Here you can engage in a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of being a first-generation student leader at CMU!
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