Carnegie Leadership Week

Good leadership is important in any team and any kind of work to build a common purpose, brainstorm amicably in the face of diversity of thought and to achieve a shared goal. Keeping this in mind, it is important for all of us to learn how to be a better leader. And that is why we have “Carnegie Leadership Week”- a week where you can grow as a leader, meet with your community, and learn from the experiences of alumni and peers. Cherry on top: free food, friends and  loads of fun!

There are many events planned and there’s something for everyone:

  • The first event is “Lightning Talks” on 2/11 where you can listen to campus leaders talk about how they’ve developed and connected to their communities through leadership.
  • Followed by this is the “Leadership and Social Change Alumni Panel” on 2/12 where you can listen to CMU alumni talk about their experiences using leadership to drive social change in the local Pittsburgh community, and beyond.
  • Our third event is “Women in Leadership Lunch” on 2/13 where you can join other woman leaders for networking and sharing experiences. With changing demographics, and women leaving a great impact in different industries and different roles, this can be a great opportunity for networking and celebrating women who are making a difference.
  • Finally we have the “Diversity in Leadership” event on 2/14, especially meant for the FirstGen network. Here you can engage in a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of being a first-generation student leader at CMU!

Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021

Born and brought up in India, Saniya came to study at Carnegie Mellon University as anundergraduate business major. She was always interested in the fields of marketing, economics and business and hence chose this career field. In her free time, she likes to swim, cook, binge watch Netflix or just be with friends and family. In school, she was a part of volunteer work and would love to continue that association to society lifelong. She also loves traveling and wishes to explore as many places as she can on this globe. Saniya loves to learn new things, share experiences, get to know different people and learn from life as it comes.
Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021

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