Tepper Cross Cultural Potluck

My afternoon started with me & my friend assembling all the ingredients that we would require to make ‘Gulab Jamun’ – a sweet Indian delicacy  – for the Tepper Cross Cultural Potluck hosted by South Asian Business Association(SABA).

Halfway through, we thought it was going to be a disaster but we kept going. The dish finally turned out to be delicious and was well appreciated by everyone! Like us, many of our classmates took the initiative to cook amazing delicacies from scratch and made the Potluck a continued success. The Tepper Cross Cultural Potluck is a flagship event of South Asian Business Association which aims at breaking inter-cultural barriers. Meals have been bringing people together for the longest time and this Potluck is no different. The Tepper community bonding only gets stronger as we get acquainted with each other’s cultures by sharing food and drinks.

From the classic Deviled Eggs to the Asian Tea Boiled Eggs, from cheesy Lasagne to spicy ‘Rajma’ – each dish was packed with flavor. A new entrant this time, which turned out to be a big hit, was a ‘Pani puri’  – classic Indian street food. Some of the other food items that were devoured: Stir-fry noodles, Dumplings, Mousse, Chicken over Rice, Sweet Rice Pudding (“Kheer”), Home-made Hummus and many more. However, food is just the second best thing about the Potluck. They say that eating the same food increases people’s trust and cooperation and I definitely felt that at the Potluck. The best part of the Potluck are the conversations we have and the strong connections we build with each other.

To conclude:
Money spent on making ‘Gulab Jamun’= $35, Relationships we built & the fun we had= =Priceless


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