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Although we’re three weeks into 2019, I still have a bit of “new year new me” spirit left in me. Maybe it’s because it’s syllabus week (as if such a thing exists at CMU). Maybe it’s Maybelline.

In high school, I was much more organized. That fell off the tracks in college, especially last semester. I felt as though I had a million tabs open at any given second, trying to juggle deadlines, appointments, commitments, all sorts of responsibilities… it was a struggle. I went from using a weekly planner to not even cracking open my calendar app.

To help with motivation, I decided to take initiative and create my own printable 24/7 planners similar to the ones I used in high school. One is unlabeled to allow users to fill out the planner in 30-minute blocks (and thus make a 12-hour planner). I prefer being able to plan out my full day, so I use the pre-filled version.

Perhaps it’s a bit late for a “New Year, New Me” post, but it’s never too late for self-improvement. Some things I want to work on (in addition to organizing better) is to be better at practicing self-care. As I found in the past, brute-forcing my way through semesters was not only mentally draining; it was stopping me from being my best.

With that being said, I’m looking forward to a new semester of interesting classes, memories with friends, and writing more!

Madeline Kim | Undergraduate Business 2020

Interpreter at Global Wordsmiths
Madeline is an Alabama native studying business administration at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to her studies, she works as a Korean interpreter at Global Wordsmiths, expresses her political opinions through CMU’s student-run newspaper, The Tartan, and plays violin for CMU's string ensemble, String Theory. Some of her passions lie in food, music of all kinds, and open political conversations. She is a makeup enthusiast and incorporates her political views in the ethics and racial inclusiveness in the beauty industry. In her free time, she enjoys writing, spending time with her family and friends, and drawing. By graduation, Madeline hopes to become a more open-minded and well-rounded lifelong learner.

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