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Looking back at freshman year, I realized I did not do so many things that I should’ve done and did not engage in activities with my full potential. Whether that was because of a reluctance stemming via cross cultural differences, via anxiety to focus completely on keeping a good grade or simply because of laziness is something I still don’t know. Nevertheless, I did not engage that much in campus activities, student organizations or events that could possibly connect me in a stronger way to the CMU community.

Sophomore Fall 2018 comes and I take it as a time to change ways. I began to grasp every opportunity I could to engage in our campus activities or be an active part of student organizations – whether it was applying for campus jobs, becoming a teaching assistant, being a part of student organizations on campus, writing more and more articles for this blog, etc. And its no surprise that after this semester, I have learned so much more about myself than I did during freshman year. I was able to learn how to work with other people, how to form teams, how to lead, and how to walk, talk and be in a room exuding confidence and positive welcoming vibes.

What I learnt  from this was that there are so many opportunities on campus, all offering something so unique and so meaningful. One must take part and pride in what our campus offers – not just because we are members of this beautiful community but also because these campus offerings throw an opportunity right into our arms to learn from and develop ourselves into a better version of ourselves. Even though, a person might have to dig out excess time and become better at time management to actively engage in campus activities outside of classes, at the end of the day, it is totally worth it. Learning outside of class is as important as the learning we get within the four walls of our classrooms!

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