Introducing Tepper’s 2019 PTOH GBA Leadership!

Part-Time Online Hybrid students held elections for the PTOH Graduate Business Associate (GBA) representatives.  Specifically, PTOH representation on the GBA, Tepper’s student government body, helps to enhance the unique PTOH student experience.

The PTOH GBA President is the Part-Time Executive Officer to the GBA Executive Board which represents all CMU MBA and MSCF students.  Also, the PTOH President has responsibilities to establish goals for the PTOH GBA and works with each PTOH Vice President to implement key initiatives.

Sarah Abernethy intends to use her role as 2019 PTOH GBA President to “listen, guide, and drive progress forward… [to] ensure every student gets all that they can from their Tepper MBA, and to foster an environment where relationships and connections are built regardless of the format of your MBA.”

She is excited to collaborate with the GBA Executive Board and serve the PTOH program.

The PTOH GBA Vice Presidents support the President while collaborating with the Tepper administration, staff, and faculty with PTOH specific initiatives.

The VP of Connections is responsible for overseeing the PTOH mentorship program and for collaborating with Tepper admissions on incoming student initiatives.

Roger Harris intends to use his role as PTOH GBA VP of Connections to help “build strong bonds with one’s peers … [and] bridge the gap between first-year students and the other cohorts.”

He is excited to work directly with the GBA and admissions team to continuing mentorship, network-building events, and applicant outreach.

The VP of Finance and Logistics works with the PTOH President and full-time GBA finance officer to establish the budget for the following academic year and to plan events – particularly during Access Weekends at various locations.

Julia Chi intends to use her role as PTOH GBA VP of Finance and Logistics to “to expand the resources and opportunities available to [PTOH].”

She is excited to continue evolving the PTOH program for the better.

The VP of Clubs oversees the PTOH representatives of clubs and ensures PTOH students are able to take advantage of club events and connections.

Mohib Hasnain intends to use his role as PTOH GBA VP of Clubs to help PTOH “engage in the student communities and develop expand the resources and opportunities available to [PTOH].”

He is excited to further improve the student experience for the whole Tepper family.

Also, thank you to Allison Braund-Harris, Tomasz Szostek, and Jaclyn Campis of the 2018 PTOH GBA for all of your terrific enthusiasm and overall PTOH dedication.

The 2018 PTOH GBA completed the elections to close out Mini 2 and will begin transitioning to the 2019 PTOH GBA during the PTOH Access Weekend that starts Mini 3 in Spring 2019.

Congratulations to Sarah, Roger, Julia, and Mohib:  All of PTOH supports your roles in 2019 and we’re eager to see the leadership that you will bring to the PTOH program.

Shoshana Rubinstein

Senior Quality Engineer at Pratt & Whitney
Shoshana Rubinstein joined the Tepper Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA in 2018 and focuses in operations management. She holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial & Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After graduating in three years, Shoshana went on to join the United Technologies Company’s Operations Leadership Program and spent two years in three rotations of manufacturing leadership, supply chain management, and quality control. Now, she serves as a Sr. Quality Engineer in Pratt & Whitney’s Columbus Forge Blades quality department. Shoshana can be found hiking with friends and stress-baking various cookies and pies; she particularly loves serving Apple Pi Pie on March 14. She frequently donates time (in her local community), money (to her alma mater and cancer research), blood and platelets (with the American Red Cross), and hair (five times with Locks for Love).

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