First Snow in Pittsburgh!

I witnessed my first snow ever here in Pittsburgh, and still remember it till date. It was like walking over a cloud in a world that was all white, all magical. It was a happy-happy day! The first snowball I hurled at my friend, the first time I left my footprint on the snow covered paths, the first snowman I built (called snowy!), they’re all moments I truly remember from last year. Just yesterday I was able to relive that moment, when Pittsburgh witnessed one of its first snowfall of the year.  If you look around during this time, you’d see many many happy faces, some of whom just love the snowy winters and others for whom its the first time they’ve seen snow (like me last year!). The former group would be all geared up in their warm jackets ready to face the upcoming winters, often passing advice to first-timers about how to stay warm and how to make the perfect snowman! Meanwhile, many first-timers like me would send friends and family back home, places like India, Texas etc where snow is less, tonnes of pictures and videos manifesting the beauty of our lovely snow covered campus. I just love this time of the year, and even more e at 2am in the night when it is all silent and you can see from your window –  fresh, untouched snow all over the campus devoid of any footprints. It’s just so beautiful, serene and magical white like peace.  Apart from offering calmness to the heart and beauty to the eye, the first snow also offers so many opportunities for students to connect with each other- whether its just simply hanging out over a cup of much needed hot chocolate or sharing their appreciation about the snow or even complaining about the cold snow brings with it! For me, one of the fondest memories I have with my first snow is my “Freshman Dorm Snowball fight”. Geared in scarves, gloves and warm jackets, we had the best-ever snowball fight. It was incredible fun to drench friends with snow, a much needed break from all the work and allowed me to get to know so many more people! Even though we were covered with snow from head to toe, we were all smiles – and thats what the first snow brings for you, so much happiness!

Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021
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